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The following guidelines are for Lynbrook residents & businesses

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Dial 911 for:

  • Crimes in progress

  • Life threatening situations

  • Fires

  • Motor vehicle accidents or major traffic and street obstructions

  • Serious injuries or illnesses requiring immediate emergency medical attention- A scheduled doctors appointment or clinic appointment is NOT an emergency.

  • Hazardous chemical spills  

  • Fire, smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarms that are sounding  

  • Sparking electrical hazards or wires down in the street

  • Smoke in a building  

  • Suspicious Person or Vehicle

  • Any other true emergency

911 is NOT to be used for general information or non-emergency purposes such as:

  • Finding a towed or impounded vehicle (call 599-3300 for impounded vehicles in Lynbrook instead)

  • Asking directions (call your destination and ask them, only call 599-3300 if you must call about a Lynbrook location and no other source is available)(Try www.mapquest.com, maps.google.com, or maps.yahoo.com as an alternative.)

  • Inquiring about school openings and closings (call Lynbrook Schools at  887-0253, Malverne Schools at 887-6400, Valley Stream Schools at  256-0154, East Rockaway Schools at (516) 887-8300, or Hewlett- Woodmere School District at 516-374-8000.

  • Reporting a blocked driveway, obstructed hydrant, etc. (call 599-3300)

  • Reporting a major noise complaint (call 599-3300)

  • Asking about traffic tickets (call the Village Justice Court at  599-0416)  8AM to 4PM, Mon-Fri

  • To call Lynbrook Fire Department for a non emergency inquiry (call 599-1547).

  • Asking about a late school bus (call Lynbrook Schools at 887-0253, Malverne Schools at (516) 887-6400 or Valley Stream Schools at  256-0154).

  • Checking of current or future  weather conditions or situations, instead try www.weatherunderground.com or www.weather.com..

  • Reporting rust in the water or dirty water (call the L.I. Water Company at  1-877-426-6999 or visit them online at www.liwater.com

  • To report a power failure where there are no wires or poles down. Call LIPA at(800) 490-0075. If you see wires in the street or utility poles either knocked down or in danger of falling, CALL 911.

  • Contacting a police officer at the police front desk for a non emergency (call 599-3300).

  • Reporting street lights out (call the non emergency police number at 599-3300)

  • No heat problem (Call the Building Department 599-8828 during normal business hours and 599-3300 after hours only.  

  • Reporting problems with a building's structure, etc. Call the Building Department at 599-8828 during normal business hours, and 599-3300 after hours only.   

  • Public health problem (Call the Nassau County Department of Health at  571-8200)

  • To report low flying aircraft, contact the FAA directly by phone: at (516) 228-8029. 

Remember, calling 911 for a non emergency ties up telephone lines and diverts the dispatcher's valuable time from a TRUE emergency. For non emergencies call the Lynbrook Police Department at 516-599-3300. Be patient as the operator may be taking an emergency call on the 911 console.

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