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The Detective Division is responsible for the initiation of and follow up of investigation matters that may be beyond the scope and/or expertise of the Patrol Division. Members of the Detective Division are called to assist the Patrol Division on all serious crimes and major investigations.

The Detective Division phone number is (516) 599-3300. Ask the operator to connect you with the Detective Division. In emergencies or during situations that are in progress, the Police Dispatcher should be called directly by dialing 9-1-1.

After business hours, non-emergency inquiries should be made by calling Police Headquarters at 516-599-3300.

When should I call the Police Department's Detective Division?

  • When you have questions about the status of a particular case that our Detective Division is charged with investigating.

  • When you have new or additional information about a particular case which has already been reported to the Police Department.

  • When you are looking for advice on matters which may be criminal in nature.

  • To report persons who are suspected of illegally selling marijuana or other drugs.

  • To report information of interest to our Detective Division anonymously, you may use our Contact Page.


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