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The Lynbrook Police Patrol Division has the primary roll of first responder to emergencies, to deter crime, to observe for unusual activities and to act as the initial investigator of criminal activity. They are under the immediate command of a patrol supervisor. Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • Enforcement of New York State & local laws

  • Motorist and pedestrian safety through enforcement of traffic laws

  • Investigation of auto accidents

  • Investigation of crimes, both in progress and reported later

  • Acting as first responder to injured and sick persons

  • To "protect & serve" the public by diligent observation, crime deterrence and proactive policing

The Lynbrook Police Department has a fleet of patrol vehicles, both marked and unmarked, for this purpose. Vehicles are equipped with two way radios which can communicate with Lynbrook Police Headquarters, other motor patrol vehicles, neighboring village, county and state police departments, as well as federal agencies working in our vicinity.

Vehicles are also equipped with the following:

  • First aid bags which contain oxygen, an oxygen mask, bandages, a disposable blanket and  portable defibrillators similar to those used in hospitals, which have been used successfully many times to restart hearts of cardiac arrest victims. Our officers received special training on the use of this equipment.

  • Computer aided dispatch (CAD) computers which can access NYS DMV files, Lynbrook P.D. databases, and can also be used to issue traffic tickets. Lynbrook was among the first departments in New York State to utilize a fully automated traffic ticketing system.  The system can read barcodes on licenses and registrations to perform this task.

  • Vehicles also carry traffic cones and safety vests for use in traffic control situations.

  • One police patrol vehicle is equipped with a LOJAK® receiver that can pick up transmissions from LOJAK® equipped stolen cars and pinpoint the location of the vehicle in minutes. When a car which has a LOJAK® transmitter is reported stolen, a transmit message is automatically sent to the stolen car, which will then transmit a beacon which can be tracked by police vehicles equipped with a receiver.


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