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The following information is for persons who need to contact the Lynbrook Police Department in regard to incidents that occurred within the Village of Lynbrook. If you want to contact the police regarding an incident which occurred outside the Village of Lynbrook, contact the police agency that covers that jurisdiction. Our links page has links to area police departments.


Lynbrook Police Department

P.O. Box 7021

Lynbrook, New York 11563-7021


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  • In an Emergency call 911 (This includes Fires, Medical Emergencies, and all crimes in progress)

  • Phone Lynbrook Police: 516-599-3300 for non emergency calls regarding information or incidents that occurred within the Inc. Village of Lynbrook.

  • Lynbrook Police Department Fax: 516-596-0199

  • Village Hall Phone: 516-599-8300

  • Inquires regarding traffic tickets & parking tickets should be made to the Lynbrook Village Justice Court at 516-599-0416 during normal business hours (8AM-4PM M-F)

  • To report low flying aircraft, contact the FAA directly by phone: at (516) 228-8029 

  • Overnight Parking:

    • There is No Parking Permitted on all roads within the Inc. Village of Lynbrook between the hours of 3 AM to 5 AM.

    • Do not contact the Lynbrook Police to request permission to park overnight. To request temporary overnight parking permission call the Village Hall at (516)-599-8300 Ext. 214 (8AM-4PM M-F). 

    • Temporary overnight parking permission is given for driveway repairs, out of town company due to family emergencies, & similar situations on a case by case basis. Do not call for permanent permission to park overnight as such permission will not be granted. Have the make, year & license plate information on all vehicles you are requesting permission to park available when you call.

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  • The Lynbrook Police Department Headquarters is located in the Lynbrook Village Hall. We are on Columbus Drive, 1 block east of Peninsula Blvd off Merrick. Road. Please see the larger map below (Red Star is our location)

  • To pick up reports on file with the Lynbrook Police, the best time to come in is between 8am and 11PM, 7 days a week. During the night hours the staffing of Police Headquarters is limited to uniformed staff who's primary responsibility is dispatching and responding to emergency calls for service.

  • Handicapped Parking Permit Applications are processed by our civilian staff & are only accepted  8AM-4PM M-F and must be delivered in person. Visit our Forms & Applications page for a Handicapped Parking Permit application. Be sure to bring your NYS Photo ID or NYS Driver's license with you. A handicapped parking permit is issued to a handicapped person, not a vehicle.

  • The Lynbrook Police Dept. only takes reports about incidents which occurred within the Inc. Village of Lynbrook. If you want report a crime or incident which occurred outside the Village you MUST report the incident to the police department who has jurisdiction over the place of occurrence. We are not permitted to take reports about incidents outside the village. Visit our Links page for contact information for police departments in our area.

  • Impound releases should be obtained at Lynbrook Police HQ between 8AM and 11 PM, 7 days a week. Vehicles may not be available unless they are claimed during normal day time business hours.

  • When reporting an auto accident, it is always best to call the police for a report immediately after an accident occurs, at the scene of the accident, and ask us to respond to your scene to take the report.  If this is not possible you may report your accident at Lynbrook Police Headquarters. In most cases the operators of all vehicles involved have to be present to report the accident (excluding when the other operator leaves the scene without making known their identity). Even if you had a very minor accident and may not want a police report, an officer at the scene can give you expert information on how to proceed.

  • Our street address is: 1 Columbus Drive,  Lynbrook, NY 11563


  • Police Headquarters is open 24 hours, 365 days a year.  Our Mailing Address is:

    Lynbrook Police Department

    P.O. Box 7021

    Lynbrook, New York 11563-7021

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To Report suspected criminal activity, please fill out this form. The contact information boxes are optional. Be as specific as possible and include in your report the following:

  • Who - Who is involved in the activity you are reporting about? (Specific names and addresses)

  • What - What is the nature of the criminal activity?

  • Where - Where is this activity being done?

  • Why - Why this activity is being done?

  • When - When this activity is being done?

  • How - How is or was this criminal activity perpetrated?

Remember that the more information you supply the better we may investigate the reported activity.


Fill out this form:

What kind of report would you like to send?

Suspected Criminal ActivityAdditional Information on a known criminal investigation

Enter your comments in the space provided below:

Tell us how to get in touch with you: (optional)




Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

Click the submit button once only.

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- Village offices are open M-F, 8AM to 4 PM - Closed Holidays -

Visit www.lynbrookvillage.net to visit their website,

click on Contact for phone and email contact information.

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