Illegal Drug Abuse -3/3/2015

Heroin has emerged as the leader of recreational drug use due to its cheap price. It is very affordable. Parents need to be vigilant in the observation and supervision of the children to recognize drug use and get early intervention for their child. Parents should also reinforce to their children to not concede to peer pressure to use a drug. Police Chief Joseph Neve and Mayor William Hendrick are concerned with the substance abuse within the Village.

The Lynbrook Police Department has made it a number one priority to do whatever is possible to prevent substance abuse by adopting a zero tolerance towards possession and the sale of unlawful substances.

If you have information regarding suspected drug offenses, please contact the Lynbrook Police Department by calling 516-599-3300 or send the information on our tips page.


Residents and merchants must be aware of the current scams that are occurring in Lynbrook and throughout the entire County. A person will get a phone call from the IRS or a utility such as the electric company. The individual will state that money is owed and must be paid immediately or you will be arrested or your electric will be immediately turned off. They will ask you to immediately purchase a green dot card in the amount you supposedly owe and call them back They will give you a call back telephone number to call after the green dot card purchase is made. When you call back it, the person will greet you with the government agency or utility name. It will sound authentic. You will then be asked for the green card number. Once given, they will immediately proceed and obtain the funds that you placed on the green dot card account.

You have been scammed and you will not be able to obtain your money once you provide them with the green dot card number. The IRS, and a public utility will not call you and ask you to purchase a green dot card. They will send written correspondence to you.

Another variation of this confidence game is to tell you that they have kidnapped your family member and threaten to harm them if you do not purchase a green dot card and provide them with the card number.

In both of the instances, the caller will be very demanding, threatening and convincing that you need to provide them with the money that they want. Don’t do it. Call the police.


The new scam to obtain your credit card information involves a text message to your telephone advising you of strange activity on your credit card and to call the telephone number listed in the text message. If you call the number, a computer generated message asks you to enter your credit card information such as; card number, expiration date, pin number for the ATM, and the three number security code on the rear of your card.

If you enter the credit card information, it will be captured and you will suffer monetary loses. The credit card information will be used to make purchases and to make withdrawals from your bank accounts by using ATM machines.

One text message may ask you to call the Suncoast Federal Credit Union at telephone # 202 499 2084. If you have any questions about the use of your credit card call the number listed on the rear of your card or call the number listed on your credit card statements


If you are advised, in any manner, that you have won money in a lottery, contest or even the beneficiary of a will DO NOT SEND MONEY. Legitimate lotteries, contests or probating of wills, will not ask you to provide tax money, fees or bank account numbers. If you send money or provide your bank account number you will most probably lose your money. Since these scams usually originate in other countries your money will not be retrievable. ***** DO NOT BE A VICTIM *****

Several Lynbrook residents have reported that they have been the victim of a telephone scam. They receive a telephone call from a person pretending to be a relative and that they are involved in an auto accident or some type of police involvement in another country The caller then requests that the victim wire money via Western Union to assist him with his problem. The caller will beg and request that the victim not tell his parents or anyone else that he is in trouble. In each case, the caller provided enough information to convince the victim to wire the money. One victim wired $4000.00 to the scam artist.

Do not fall victim to the scam. It is extremely important to obtain a call back number, hang up and verify the information provided by the caller with other relatives or friends before sending money. If it is a scam and it probably is, your money will never be recovered.


Throughout Nassau County thieves have been targeting cars parked overnight in streets, parking lots and private driveways.

Residents are advised not to leave valuables inside of their vehicle and should lock their car. GPS units, wallets, IPODs and jewelry are usual targets of the thief.